Energy Efficient Homes - 5 Energy Saving Suggestion During Global Fuel Crisis

Energy efficient homes are a fantastic way to reduce the effect of rising global fuel costs. Individuals are now being forced to invest a greater percentage of their month-to-month spending plans on energy costs. There has never been a more vital time to perform easy energy saving home improvement works.

In 2008, after countless energy rate hikes, individuals are finally starting to understand that energy saving as helpful for their bank account as it is for conserving the environment. Shell last year announced record profits of $27.5 billion which was when the cost for a barrel of oil was under $100. This year they are apparently making well over $75 million each day. Certainly with all that earnings our energy expenses must be falling not increasing tempo save senergy .

Homes spend on average around 10 per cent of their annual earnings on house energy costs. Making use of a few easy, often ignored, strategies annual energy bills can be cut by around 75 per cent. The following 5 'no-cost' or 'inexpensive' energy saving measures provides some of the very best and most cost-efficient solutions to the energy issue with reasonably short payback durations:

1. Home Energy Audits - simple to perform and beneficial to identify areas for house enhancement. Focus on locations of lowest energy performance, such as un-insulated lofts, single glazed windows, fireplaces and energy 'consuming' devices (e.g. topple dryer).

2. House Improvements - consist of loft insulation, wall insulation, draft proofing, and double/ treble glazing (can produce total savings of around $1,000 a year).

3. Heating unit options - include changing programmers, fitting thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and lowering thermostats (decreasing your space thermostat by simply 1 ° C can save you over $100 a year).

4. Energy saving products consist of energy saving light bulbs and house appliances such as tumble clothes dryers and fridge/freezers (can generate overall cost savings of as much as $500 a year).

5. Other techniques consist of changing your energy provider and looking for monetary help from federal governments or other bodies to enhance your home's energy effectiveness.

These basic energy saving options are low-cost and simple to implement and, unlike more expensive solutions such as solar power, do not require large investment. They can rapidly create substantial decreases to yearly energy bills whilst reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Jane Longton, Orlando, Florida fitted loft insulation, double glazing, and draft proofing in 2007 and her annual energy expenses have fallen by more than $900. Energy performance upgrades also have the benefit of offering year on year savings once installed and they improve building salability.



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